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YX-CDJ-200 Pet Mattress Machine

Pet Mattress Machine

Function & Assemble Parts:

  1. It can produce products with different lengths by partial exchanging and regulation. The regulation when exchanging is easy and brisk.
  2. The technology in forming the products and designing are advanced, the absorbing amount of products is large, cotton core will not move after usage in order to reach safety, hygienic and so on when using the products.
  3. Automatic folding and outputting in alignment after forming the products, the packing is convenient.
  4. Crushing of wood pulp is adopting slip type crusher to comply with treated or untreated rolled pulp, the crushing fiber shape looks good.
  5. During production, automatic catch main material, control tension, and get rid of waste products when catching material, and correct the deviation. Machine can be under high-speed operation, and consumption in material is Iow.
  6. The machine is high in automation, steady in molding quality and brisk in operation.

Structure & Character:

  1. Square pipe and rectangle type pipe are welded into frame style. The thickness of working faceplate and driving backboard is 25mm with good stability and high anti-earthquake to comply with the high production of machine.
  2. Driving form, speed-regulate of frequency converter + close type gearwheel box + universal shaft coupling + synchronous belt with high accuracy in synchronism, high in mechanism and guarantee in lifetime of the structure.
  3. The blade to cut material is of high-speed tool steel.
  4. The electric components, such as, programmable controller, man-machine interface, frequency converter, tem-control model, sensor and so on are separately of Japan, German and Denmark brand.
  5. Cotton-spreading web wheel is 1.2m in diameter, and spreading cotton is even. It is suitable to produce ultra-thin cotton core or thicken cotton core products.
  6. Conveyance of raw material adopts vacuum absorption type to guarantee the tension of material is steady and material is trim.
  7. Plexiglass protective window is reasonable in design, with good perspective.
  8. The electric controlling of machine is distributed, and the operation and regulation are brisk.

Main Technical Parameter:

  1. Designed production speed: 12Om/min
  2. Production Speed: 80~100m/min
  3. Specification of products: LXW mm ( 330 ~ 590 ) x ( 350 ~ 450 )
  4. Gsm of products: 130~300 g/m2
  5. Machine power: 165KW (380V 50Hz) ( Include glue applicators.)
  6. Overall Size of Equipment (L X WX H m) 2l x 3.2 x 5m
  7. Weightof equipment: about 30t
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