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Are you looking for baby diapers? Please pay attention here! We offer a wide range of wally baby diapers, such as teen baby diaper, boy baby diaper, baby napkin, big baby diaper, newborn diaper, paper diaper, disposable baby diapers, baby diaper covers, girl baby diaper, cotton baby diaper ect. All of these diapers are been made in the wonderful design.

Baby diaper structures:

  1. Multilayer absorbent core: Multilayer absorbent core design can absorb baby’s urine efficiently, help baby keep his buttock dry and comfortable
  2. Ultra-care surface layer: Aloe skin-care surface layer helps to protect baby skin
  3. Soft elastic leg cuffs: Even baby keeps moving, the part of thigh is still a comfortable fit
  4. Cottony soft outer-layer: Cotton soft outer-layer with tender feeling, wrap baby softly
  5. Breathable and comfortable: Not only exhaust fuggy moisture, but also keep fresh air expedite, helps baby keep his buttock dry and comfortable
  6. Magic tape design: Soft and comfortable magic tape can be used for many times
  7. Wetness indication: Mother can check whether baby needs to change diaper without untying baby diaper. Baby won’t be disturbed, and mother feels more convenient

Baby diapers Selection
Ultrathin and ultra-dry series:” Growing up when sleeping”. The prime time for baby growing up is sleeping. Every minute is very precious. In order to ensure the baby have a good sleep of all night, dry and ultra-thin super-absorber diaper will absorb urine instantly and keep baby skin dry and comfortable for a long time. Well sleeping will bring a well grows for the baby.

Comfortable and skin-care series:Multifunction water-lock layers speed up the absorbent of urine and disperse equably. It reduces the return seepage of urine and helps baby keep his buttock dry and comfortable. High-volume water absorption layer and three-dimensional leak-proof layer help to prevent side leakage. Wave waist with colorful design and lovely surface pattern will make baby happy everyday.

Newborn baby: Soft cotton outer-layer provides newborn baby the most needed of soft and breathable feeling. Double aloe latex gives baby’s tender skin double care. Baby will feel gentle care just like in mother’s arms. Soft and comfortable magic waist tapes are resuable adhesive.

Active baby: Babies in this phase are HushLittleBaby, they would like to try different posture. they keep climbing up and down and weltering around. 10% dilated of fit waist tape and heightened waistline design will give the baby 360 degree fitting. The diaper will always in a comfortable fitting position. This special design makes naughty baby a whole side comfortable. Soft elastic-side enable baby moving easily and multi-layer absorber can absorb urine more effectively.

Baby of learning walking: Baby is active and refused to lie down for diapers. This free baby diaper has special pull on design for the baby who learning to walk. Twice more elastic waistline just likes little real underwear and unique easy-tear design can give baby a rapid changing when standing. Learning and playing period won’t be interrupted. There are brand new diapers which have special independent design for baby boys and baby girls. Super flexible and elastic-side flexes design provides double freedom for baby. Lovely and colorful patterns make your baby happy and confident when using the diaper. Tow side leak-proof helps baby to keep the skin dry and prevent the urine leakage. Super absorption helps to keep baby skin dry and comfortable can be effective within 8.5 hours. Ultra-thin soft cottony inner and outer layers give baby tender care. Super breathe-free design keeps baby dry and comfortable. Special materials and breathe-free design exhaust the fuggy moisture and enable fresh air flowing. Even when baby moveing, you can change the diaper easily.

Our baby diapers all have newly lovely patterns and it is specially designed for baby in different growing phase. They are suitable for your baby and will make them happy. Just feel free to inquire us and we are always at your service.

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