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adult disposable diaper

Good pad leads to good feeling. Our adults incontinence products include depends adult diapers, incontinence diapers, adult disposable diapers, super absorbent incontinent pad, urinary incontinence products, incontinent pants, absorbent underpad and incontinent underwear which are all in good quality and competitive price.

The unique contour shape with elastic edges design enables better fit and protection from soiling. It is also impregnated with SAP (super absorbent polymers) for extra absorbency. The most important consideration when using a specific adult incontinence product is to contain the urine or bowels while protecting the skin from breakdown. For this consideration, our products adopt the super absorbent polymer fluff layer which contains more super polymer that absorbs wetness quickly and locks it away to keep you dry and comfortable, providing all-day and over night protection - even after multiple rewettings. Soft breathable cover allows fresh air to circulate through the cover, making your skin dry and fresh. Besides, the anti-leakage barriers could prevent side leakage effectively.

Adults incontinence pad is an item similar to a menstrual pad, perhaps with a high absorbency. Menstrual pads may be used by some people for this purpose. We have two sorts of incontinence pads, as follows disposable and reusable forms. The disposable forms of it can fit snugly and are usually available in all kinds of sizes. Besides, the price of reusable forms of incontinence pad is often reasonable. These pads are not to be confused with incontinent pads, which are worn by men or women who have bladder control problems or experience stress incontinence. Ultra absorbent lining and a contoured fit will provide maximum protection and comfort due to wetness associated with incontinence. Moreover, the elastic leg design can gather to improve the fit and prevent leakage. It is designed to hold a reusable liner in place. And the other style is underpad which can give you cloth-feel and let you feel reassured to use. We can produce different material in many sizes as per you request.

Since there are many different sizes, comfort levels and protection levels, if you want to learn more information of our adults diapers and other incontinence series product, please feel free to visit our other product pages or send an email to us at any of your convenience.

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