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YX-ZMC1-4 Series of Paper Pulp Mold Tableware Complete Sets

Paper Pulp Mold Tableware Complete Sets

Great Demand on Market :

  1. Our county has issued serious order that efiminate the plastic forming tablewate in limit time.
  2. Only paper pulp mold tableware can meet market's demand in china at present.

Product Characters:

  1. White and beautiful, no poison and smell, stomg and profitful.
  2. Against hot and oil, they can be ffeezed in icebox and baked in a microwave oven.
  3. Easy decomposable and reloverasle without pollution.

Equipment Characters:

  1. Suitable various raw materials:wood pulp, cane pulp ,teed pulp, orange stalk pulp.
  2. May produce various of tableware, such as meal box, meal bowl, dish, little bowl, plate.
  3. Automatically control engine ,electric, air structure together. It's easy to operate and convenient to service.
  4. High efficiency and energy saving with no waste, gas ,water or material in production.
  5. Heat forming by power ,oil or gas ,suitable for different energy supply working fields.
  6. User may choose various of models according to demand.

Equipment List (Annual yield 20 million meal box) :

Name Number Other Auxiliary Equipment Number
pulp crusher 2 draw-pulp pump 2
dip-pulp barrel 2 inject pulp pump 1
agitator in pulp pool 2 cycled-pulp auto-absorb pump 1
4-set inject-pulp machine 6 clean-water pump 2
2-seat heat pressing and forming machine 6 vacuum pump 1
mould(4 sets) 12 air comperssor 1
cut-edge unit 3 store-air tank 1
disinfector 1 The auxiliary equipment can be bought by customers or supplier on their behalf.
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