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YX-FWJ-1092/1575A Rewinding and Perforating Sanitary Paper Machine

Rewinding and Perforating Sanitary Paper Machine

Brief Introduction of Equipment:

  1. It is separately equipped with rewinder and saw style cutter to produce.
  2. The main machine in 1092A type and 1575A type are same in structure, the difference is that the width of jumbo roll ~l are 1220mm and 1820mm separately.
  3. Main working parts are complete in function amd designing, suitable to produce high or Iow grade paper.
    *Two sets of embossment roller are adopted to produce "hitting dot by hitting dot "products.
    *Embossment pattem is seleted and supplied by the user.

Structure & Character:

  1. The composed parts of machine frame amd perforated knife roller are rough, with good antiseismic and stable, brisk operation.
  2. Stepless speed regulator regulates speed synchronously, with fast speed regulation and high production efficiency.
  3. stepless regulates and controls linear velocity of rewinding to materialize regulation fluffy of roll paper.
  4. Gap in punching can be regulated and controlled: 100 N 180mm.
  5. embossment roller adopts electric heating style, which is obvious and clear.

Main Technical Parameter:

Type Production
Machine power
Overall size
 (L x W x H m)
Specification of jumbo roll
(Width x diameter mm)
(Mpa m3/min)
1092A 120 ~ 150 6 3.8 × 2.1 × 1.2 1.4 1200 × 1000
13 ~ 22 g/m2 (2ply)
0.6 Mpa
0.17 m3/min
1575A 100 ~ 130 6.5 3.8 × 2.7 × 1.2 1.6 1800 × 1000
13 ~ 22 g/m2 (2ply)
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