The view of plant

Technical Features of the Equipment:

  1. The super class control system: The production line of baby diaper is completely controlled by PLC. Through setting the parameter in the administrative panel, can come to the communication of person-pc. The equipment is blocking, each module can be separately controlled, further more the overall control is available on the administrative panel.
  2. Advanced high molecular material feeding system with intermittent and continued feeding double pipe and electro-weight loss device to control the feeding weight.
  3. Stable material unit control: The material which need to be changed frequently is equiped with air shaft, automatic unrolling device, automatic material acceptor, tensile controlling lever, joint detecting sensor, on-line sensor for detecting the materials and edge control device.
  4. Perfect on-line control system of quality: The system will eliminate the scrap in the raw material. All material is controlled by system, the machine will be stop if there is no material. The system will monitor on the material adding effects.
  5. Stable stacking system offering free choice from 8 to 13 pieces for being stacked.
  6. Diversified products: The production line can produce either R-shape and/or T-shape baby diapers in terms of appearance forms and the standard products made from bulky pulp and/or the extra-thin products with air laid paper as their core body in terms of structures.

Wet Napkin product line:

Wet Napkin machine
Wet Napkin product line
Equipment Name Type Manufacturer
Home-size Automatic Wet Tissue Packing Machine Clipper Rx-200C PCMC, USA
Home-size Wet Tissue Folder DELTA 3000L d/B ILAPAK SWITZERLAND
Portable Wet Tissue Folder Calypso ¨C 1 W PCMC, USA
Portable Automatic Wet Tissue Packing Machine MICROPAC LTS IMAN PACK, ITALY

Product Specification:

S/N Type of Folding Dimension (mm) Unwrapped Dimension Added Liquid Sheet per Pack
1. Home-size wet Napkin Z L(110-300)W(80-120)H(12-120) (100-300)×(160-240) 150%-350% 12~200
W L(110-300)W(90-120)H(10-120) (100-300)×(200-280) 150%-350% 12~200
2. Portable-size Wet Napkin Z L(80-150)/2W(90-120)H(10-100) (150-220)×(180-240) 150%-350% 5~50
V-Z L(80-150)/2W(60-80)H(10-100) (150-220)×(170-225) 150%-350% 5~50

Technical Features of the Equipment:

  1. Controlled by AB industrial computer, the equipment is driven by servomotors and provided with the newest graphical color LCD touch screen, automatic liquid adding device and sheet counter.
  2. The equipment is controlled by ILAPAC industrial computer and provided with the newest graphic color LCD touch screen. With multiple- section and transverse transmission format, the packing and sealing are electro-controlled. Special safety design will ensure the proper running and avoid the wrong packing and miss packing.

Packing Plant

wet napkin packing

Finished Product Plant

wet napkin finished

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